Healthier South Derbyshire

Deciding to live a healthier life is easy; it's actually doing it that's hard. You've already made a good start by coming to Healthier South Derbyshire to get the right information on how to improve your health habits.  

On Healthier South Derbyshire you will learn how to: Make physical activity a part of your day, eat more healthy foods, avoid risks to your health and where the local opportunities are to be healthy. Bad habits are not easily broken. Good ones are not easily won. But you can do it!


Get Physical


Find out ways to become more physically active within your community.



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Breast Feeding Welcome Here

Advise on breast feeding as well as a list of all venues in South Derbyshire signed up to the "Breastfeeding Welcome Here Award"


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Healthy Eating


Healthy eating advice and information on weight loss groups and healthy eating/ cooking courses available in your area.


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Understanding Mental Health


Tips and advise to promote positive mental health as well as where to get extra advice and support around mental health.


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Quit Smoking


Smoking services in your area.




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