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About the Healthier South Derbyshire Website

What is Healthier South Derbyshire?

A one-stop information source of how to be healthier in South Derbyshire.

The Healthier South Derbyshire website is a partnership development of South Derbyshire’s Local Strategic Partnership’s sub-group Healthy Communities which was launched in January 2008.

South Derbyshire Partnership

This is a group of people representing public services, local businesses, community groups and residents. Its main role is to work together to help improve South Derbyshire, concentrating on the things local people have said are important for a better South Derbyshire. It is doing this through South Derbyshire's Community Strategy. By working together, bigger and better things will be achieved rather than if one organisation was working on its own.

For more information, please go to the South Derbyshire’s Partnership page.

Six Thematic Groups work on delivering the actions in the Community Strategy and they each focus on a chapter in the strategy.

Healthy Communities Theme Group

The Healthy Communities group works to create better access and opportunities for everyone to improve their health and wellbeing and focuses on the following priorities.

Better access and opportunities for everyone to improve their health and well being.

Better support to vulnerable people and families to improve their health and well being.

One of the main challenges for this theme group was:
Providing accurate and easy to find information on health and health services – the Government is encouraging people to take responsibility for their own health but at the moment in South Derbyshire there is a lack of information about services like stopping smoking and weight loss that could help.
The Community Strategy for South Derbyshire, 2005-2010, pg11.

Healthier South Derbyshire is the Answer

In this website, we have brought together a wide range of information on healthy lifestyles and local support opportunities to enable you to develop your own personalised service and inform you about the choices available to you in South Derbyshire.

As a result, we will create healthier and supportive communities in South Derbyshire.


"Working together for a Better South Derbyshire"


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