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Physical Activity

What does being physically active mean?

You might think being active involves going to the gym, an exercise class or playing a sport, but it's not just that. Just think of it in a more everyday way that incorporates some activity into your daily routine - even simple things like doing more walking.

Being active includes any physical activity that you do, including cleaning the house and gardening, travelling on foot or by bicycle, manual jobs at work as well as sport and activities in your spare time.

You could benefit hugely from simple activities such as taking the stairs (rather than the lift) or walking briskly to the shops. It's not only the big changes that will make the difference to your heart, but also lots of little ones.

You’ll be surprised how a small change in your level of physical activity can make a big difference to your health and well-being. So go on – make a start today!


Adult Activity Brochure



A useful source of information for all local physical activity opportunities for adults in South Derbyshire.

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