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Getting started… and keeping going!

It’s all too easy to be really keen to begin with and then over time the motivation to keep active starts to be lacking. Below are some things you can do to help you get started… and keep going!

Choose an activity you enjoy

We’re all more motivated if we’re doing something we enjoy.

Start small and progress at your own rate

Don’t be over-ambitious. Make sure you set yourself targets that you can easily achieve – things that can be repeated and can become part of your everyday routine.

Vary your activities

This will help to avoid boredom and maintain your interest. Think of changing the time and place. Or maybe try a new activity.

Be social

Involve a friend, neighbour, work colleague, relative or ‘activity buddy’ in your activity routine. You can support each other and you will have company while you’re doing your activity too.

Get into the habit

No matter how small, plan an activity routine for yourself. Plan a time in your day when you will do your activity. Use your diary or a calendar if it helps.

Use reminders

Put a note on your action plan where you will see it – by the front door, on the fridge or by the kettle – to remind you to do some activity. Put your walking shoes near the door. If you sometimes go swimming or to the gym, keep your bag packed and ready to go.

Choose a role model

Do you have a friend who is already regularly active? Talk to them and use them as a role model and to support you.

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