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How do cigarettes damage health? Major diseases caused by smoking What you need to stop smoking is... What help is available? What is Nicotine Replacement Therapy? What about the new Smokefree law? Interactive tools Links

What you need to stop smoking is...


Stopping smoking is not easy but it can be done. However to be successful you have to really want to stop and you have to be ready.


There are 12 million ex-smokers in the UK! If they can do it so can you! Many smokers need as many as 3 or 4 attempts before they stop completely but each time they try they’ll learn more about themselves and their habit and are better prepared for the next attempt.


It's important to get support from your partner, family, friends, work colleagues, local support groups and specialist stop smoking services.

Methods that work

You need to find the best method to suit you. Perhaps you can do it with willpower alone but often additional support can make a significant difference. Take a look at what help is available.

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