Get Physical

We all know that being physically active is important for our health. From reducing the chances of heart disease, certain cancers, type 2 diabetes and osteoarthritis. Regular physical activity also releases feel good hormones which helps promote better mental health and can also reduce the chances of developing dementia.

How to get active in South Derbyshire

With so many benefits to health it makes sense that we should try and be as active as we can. To find out more about the physical activity opportunities available in your area then click on the menu to the left for the Get Active in the Forest Walking for Health programme, Teddy Walks, the Adult Activities Brochure, and the Active Commumity Directory.

Live Life Better Derbyshire

Derbyshire County Council deliver the Live Life Better Derbyshire scheme which includes support to get more active. Some clients may be eligible for the health referral scheme which offers people 12 weeks free membership at a local leisure centre to help manage specific medical conditions. Referrals to the scheme are only accepted via health professional referral. Health referral staff at the leisure centre are trained to work with people to put an appropriate physical activity plan together to meet the needs of the individual and help manage the particular health condition for which they have been referred for. The service also offers a holistic online self-assessment tool which will help clients to find the right services for their needs. To find out more information or complete the on line assessment please visit

Strictly no falling

As we get older we become more at risk of falls. Strictly no falling classes have been developed across Derbyshire to help improve strength of our muscles and bones as well as improve balance and co-ordination to help reduce the risk of falling.

All strictly no falling classes have been approved and accredited, and are monitored regularly to ensure they remain at the right standard. All instructors who lead the class are appropriately qualified to deliver the sessions.

More information about the classes available in South Derbyshire can be found by clicking here: The Strictly no falling timetable

Top Tips for becoming more active

Remember being active does not have to involve joining sports clubs, going to the gym or taking part in other groups/fitness classes. Building physical activity into everyday life can bring about benefits to our health. For example:

  • Walking – whether this be: walking the dog, walking to work or going out for a short walk during your lunch break. These are all ways to help you become more physically active throughout the day
  • Active travel – with record numbers of cars on the road it is easy to do things such as pop to the shops, do the school run, and travel to work by car. However, where possible walking or cycling as part of your travel is a great way to be more active. If you have to take the car or use public transport then you could look at parking further away or get off the bus a few stops earlier to help build more physical activity into your travel plans.
  • Short 10 minute bursts – It’s often hard to find time to fit physical activity into your daily routine, however short bursts of 10 minute physical activity throughout the day can help you build up the total amount of time you are active throughout the day
  • Do the housework – hoovering, ironing, washing up and dusting are all ways to become more active and burn extra calories throughout the day
  • Gardening – Getting out in the garden to mow the grass, digging and weeding can be an enjoyable past time that can also help us to become more active
  • Get out and about: Situated in the middle of the National Forest South Derbyshire is an ideal location to get out and about and enjoy being physically active across the district. For more information on the National Forest visit:
  • Parklife – The Parklife project has been developed to offer a range of activities that are free or at a low-cost across the following parks in South Derbyshire:
    • Eureka Park
    • Maurice Lea Park
    • Newhall Park
    • Swadlincote Woodlands
  • For information on events and activities available within the parks dowload this guide
  • Teddy Walks – A Range of teddy walks have been developed across South Derbyshire which are ideal for families of young children and todlers. Follow Bertie the bear on his adventures around South Derbyshire with 9 family friendly trails. Click here to go to the Teddy Walks Page.

Further information

The main aim of Healthier South Derbyshire is to provide information on how to become more active in South Derbyshire. If you want to find out more information on the benefits of physical activity, overcoming barriers and additional tips to become more active in everyday life, visit Active Derbyshire

You can also access guidelines about how active we should be for adults and young people

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