Physical Activity

National Information

British Heart Foundation - Health at Work - The British Heart Foundation has a range of resources and information on how to get active at work and promote physical activity at work. The site has excellent tools, ideas and information to help with the promotion of physical activity in the workplace.

NHS Choices - The NHS Choices website has excellent information on how to increase your activity levels, has a range of toolkits to help get started and information on how much activity to do. There are a number of tools that will help you get started including downloads to start running, for example, from couch potato to five kilometres.

Local Information

Active Derbyshire - The Active Derbyshire Campaign aims to encourage and support people become more active by providing the information on how to get started, inspiring you to try new challenges and motivating you to carry on. It provides a comprehensive list of local information on where to get active across Derbyshire.

Workplace Challenge - Derbyshire - The Workplace Challenge is a resource that aims to engage workplaces in sport and physical activity. The website allows individuals to log their levels of physical activity and active travel whilst competing with other workplaces, friends and colleagues. Throughout the year there will be local challenges organised to encourage workplaces to get involved.

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