On this page you'll find links to further information and support for people living with Dementia and their carers.

The South Derbyshire Dementia Friendly Community

The South Derbyshire Dementia Friendly Community is made up of a group of organisations and individuals who have come together with the aim of making South Derbyshire a better place to live for people living with dementia and their carers.

South Derbyshire Dementia Friendly Community seeks to grow and nurture a supportive and inspirational network. Supporters of the group will get the chance to connect with a wide range of professionals, share and draw on expertise and help to support others. Dementia-friendly communities are vital in helping people live well with dementia and remain a part of their community.

Any individual or organisation wishing to find out more can download this flier for contact details, or this form if you want to join.

Dementia Friendly Activities

Matinee Screenings in Derbyshire

Matinee provides film screenings for people living in the community who have dementia or memory challenges and their friends, family members or carers.

They offer a sociable and friendly atmosphere with tea, coffee, cake and fun film-related activities.

Screenings take place in Swadlincote and other locations across Derbyshire - you can find out more at the Matinee Derbyshire Website or by downloading this leaflet which sets out the 2019 timetable.

Contact Matinee Derbyshire on 07449 732322 or

How to Help a Stranger who seems Lost and Confused

You can access information here from the Alzheimer's Society about how to help someone who appears lost and confused. Derbyshire County Council also operate a Safe Places Scheme, where public buildings can sign up to display a sticker and act as a help point for people feeling scared, lost or in need of help while out and about. Individuals can also apply for a Keep Safe Card so that Safe Places can easily access key information about that person in order to help them.

Links to more information

The Derbyshire Dementia Support Service from Derbyshire County Council

Further information about Dementia from the NHS and Alzheimer's Society

The Derbyshire Warm Homes scheme

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