Stop Smoking

Did you know you are four times more likely to quit smoking with the help of your local stop smoking service?

Stopping smoking is one of the most important things you can do to help improve your health.

The Live Life Better Derbyshire service provides support, help and advice to help you make a successful quit attempt.

Quitting isn’t easy but the friendly stop smoking advisors will support you with tips, information and advice on the range of stop smoking medications available to you.

Live Life Better Derbyshire provides support to smokers aged 12 and over living in Derbyshire.

How do I Join?

You can contact the service by either visiting Live Life Better Derbyshire or by calling 0800 085 2299, They have useful tips, tools and information on the different support available.

National Information

British Heart Foundation - This has excellent information on how to stop smoking at work and has some good resources to help with this.

NHS Choices - NHS information about stopping smoking.

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