Keep Learning

Learning new skills can boost confidence and give you a sense of achievement. This doesn’t have to be in a formal classroom setting or be about getting a qualification or grade. Keep learning could involve:

  • Reading a new book
  • Complete puzzles or brain training games
  • Research something you’re curious about
  • Take part in a free online course
  • Join an adult education class
  • Visit a museum or art gallery


Sharpe’s Pottery

South Derbyshire is synonymous with the pottery industry. Visit Sharpe’s to learn more about this once thriving industry. For more information about Sharpe’s and the range of events and exhibitions available visit


The Magic Attic

Based at Sharpe’s Pottery The Magic attic is a local history achieve consisting of newspapers, photographs, maps, artefacts and family history information for South Derbyshire and surrounding areas and is great way to find out more about the history of the local area. For more information about the attic including opening times visit: or telephone 01283 819020.

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