Take Notice

Making the time to appreciate the world around us and take notice has been shown to have a positive effect on our mental health

Being aware of the present moment, and your own feelings and thoughts, can help you to positively change how you’re feeling about life.

This is also known as mindfulness and it can help you to be calm and more able to deal with what life might throw at you.

Here are a few ideas to help you take notice:

  • Take 5 minutes out of your day to appreciate something new
  • Be aware of when the seasons start to change
  • Take a different root home
  • Try out a new lunch spot
  • Be curious
  • Think about all of the things you’re grateful for

Take notice of South Derbyshire

Get out and about: Situated in the middle of the National Forest South Derbyshire is an ideal location to get out and about and enjoy being physically active across the district. Click Here to visit the National Forest website

Parklife – The Parklife project has been developed to offer a range of activities that are free or at a low-cost across the following parks in South Derbyshire:

Eureka Park

Maurice Lea Park

Newhall Park

Swadlincote Woodlands

For information on events and activities available within the parks dowload this leaflet

Teddy Walks – A Range of teddy walks have been developed across South Derbyshire which are ideal for families of young children and toddlers. Follow Bertie the bear on his adventures around South Derbyshire with 9 family friendly trails.

Local Landmarks to Visit

Elvaston Castle, Calke Abbey, Rosliston Forestry Centre, Formark Reservoir

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